ombré / POWDER eyebrow treatment

Makeup effect brows

Only shading with PMU machine

Best suited oily / mature skin

Bold or soft 

Minimal pain

Lasts up to 5 years, our longest lasting brows!

about Powder / ombré brows

Powder / Ombré is a form of semi-permanent tattooing which lasts the longest of all the brow techniques on offer.


Powder is the least natural looking and mimics a makeup powder effect. If youre fed up of penciling in your brows every day and like a heavier/ thicker brow look, powder brows maybe the best option for you. 


The Powder, unlike microblading, is not individual strokes and is applied using a shading effect for bolder brows.


To do this we use a professional and precise PMU machine to carve out the desired brow and shade in the brows beneath the brow hair for a tint on the skin kind of look. This method is best suited to mature and oily skin as it has super staying power and settles as soft or as bold as you like depending on how it is applied.  The pigment is implanted into the superficial dermis, allowing me to create brows that compliment your facial features perfectly.


This treatment is ideal for those that suffer from thin eyebrow hair or hair loss, over-plucked brows and also those who have full brows but want to enhance and perfect the shape of their brow. 

The longevity of this treatment varies from person to person depending on aftercare, exposure to sunlight, medications, lifestyle and also skin type but for the average person, this treatment will last 2-5 years.




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