Our signature brow style

The perfect mix of hair strokes and shading

Best suited dry/ normal / combination skin 

Minimal pain

Lasts up to 2 years

about COMBINATION brows

A combination brow is a form of semi-permanent tattooing, and is a combination of the two most popular techniques of SPMU brows. This is the most popular brow and is a signature here at Annie Green Permanent Cosmetics & Training, combining beautiful, realistic microblading strokes with a soft shade to create the most realistic brow. This is perfect for those ladies who have little to no hair and still want a natural effect. 


The hair strokes are created using a hand held tool for ultimate precision and to create a look specifically designed to your face shape and desired look we then add a soft shading using a PMU machine with a defined soft shadowing needle to blend the strokes into a realistic, pencil-like filled brow. The pigment is implated into the superficial dermis, allowing me to create soft, fine and therefore realistic hair stokes which compliment your natural brows perfectly.


This treatment is ideal for those that suffer from thin eyebrow hair or hair loss, over plucked brows and also those who have full brows but want to enhance and perfect their shape of their brow. 


The longevity of this treatment varies from person to person depending on after care, exposure to sunlight, medications, lifestyle and also skin type but for the average person, this treatment will last 1-2 years.

Combination brows



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