Do you suffer with unsymmetrical lips?
Do you struggle to define your lip shape with a pencil?
Do you want to wake up with a youthful plump lip without painful lip filler? Then Lip Blush is for you 🤩

lip blush treatment sheffield

Lip blush lasts much longer than filler and lasts between 2-5 years!

It is a minimal invasive procedure whereby your choice of colour is implemented into the lip for a long-lasting and highly-rewarding outcome.


Lip blush is for all ages ranging from 18-80 and is the new trend, pushing away the old and outdated filler and introducing permanent lip blush!


This procedure will leave you with a youthful glow and a plumped lip effect without adding the extra volume. Using shadowing and ombre techniques, this treatment is perfect for all!

Lip Blush

Semi Permanent Tattooing
£ 250
  • Book now with only £50 Booking Fee required
  • Lasts 2-5 years
  • Suitable for all ages ranging from 18-80
  • FREE Consultations prior to your treatment
  • Dedicated aftercare support



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