How Much Does Microblading Cost?

Microblading Prices

Let’s face it, the decision to get your eyebrows microbladed can be a big initial investment.

So, choosing an artist based on reviews, experience and skill is paramount to ensure you’re getting exactly what you signed up for.

Microblading is essentially a face tattoo and so ensuring that this is perfect is not a decision to be taken lightly, especially if you are willing to spend £300 + on the treatment.

You want results that not only look good initially but also that last you.

However scary this may seem at first, it doesn’t have to be, with this easy guide on how to choose the best microblading artist for you and make sure you’re getting what you pay for – ensuring the results that you desire and deserve.

So, let’s dig in…


How much does microblading cost in the UK?

In the UK, microblading on average costs between £200-£600 depending on location. London clinics are more expensive due to higher cost of living and the north and midlands are usually slightly lower due to a higher saturation of practitioners in that area.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Microblading before & after

This means that if an artist is offering a microblading service for £50, it’s more than likely an inexperienced artist.

It can almost be promised that you will end up spending more money in the long run on removal and to get your brows redone than if you just made the initial investment into a knowledge practitioner.

Don’t believe everything you see online, scarily enough there are people out there that are offering microblading treatments who have not even taken a course, are uninsured and are completely out for a quick sale.

These individuals are more than likely those who are offering cheap services or who have little to no imagery on their sites or social media pages.

This is a big red flag and should be avoided at all costs.

Annie Green Permanent Cosmetics charges £250 for a microblading procedure from start to finish. This includes consultation, predraw, initial treatment, aftercare pack and top up.

Although this is on the lower end of the pricing scale this is not a reflection of our quality of work and skill, and that is what is most important when choosing the correct microblading artist for you.


Factors to consider when choosing a microblading artist

Besides cost, there is a lot more to consider when choosing a microblading artist.

The location and where they work from is important.

As the practitioner will be dealing with blood and open wounds, they must be highly knowledgeable on this area as well as work in a clean and clinical environment.

Annie Green Salon

The clinic or salon where they work must be hygienic and they must work safety to carry out the procedure. A good way in which you can assess this from your practitioner is book a no obligation consultation appointment face to face.

If a practitioner only offers these types of appointments over a phone call or Skype then this is a warning to not trust them with your down payment or deposit for your treatment.

Your practitioner should be very welcoming and allow you to view the premises and speak to them face to face before you decide to spend your money with them. At your consultation you can expect the practitioner to talk you through the process, give you a pre-draw of your new brows (should you wish) and also they should make you feel no obligation to book in on that day.

This then allows you time to reflect and decide whether they are right for you to create your new microbladed brows.

Popularity of the artist is also important. An artist with good reviews and who has a booked diary is often an indication that they are good at what they do.

Don’t just judge this off how many instagram followers they may have. Instagram follows can be fake and bought online and so don’t let this fool you into thinking that they are good at blading.

If you Google microblading artist in your area the most popular ones are often at the top or near the top of that page. These are often the artists that are most searched or who have the best reviews.

A microblading artist can also be judged on where they were trained and if this was a reputable training can always ask to see your artist training certification should you wish to see it.

Annie Green trains new microblading artist herself and so you can guarantee that her knowledge and experience is well revered as she is able to train people in her field of expertise.


Will your skin type affect the cost of your treatment?

More often than not microblading artist will charge more for skin types that are oily.

The main reason for this is because not all artist have the skill and knowledge to know how to deal with oilier skin types.

Oily skin types should not be microbladed, but instead a machine method is to be used to ensure that the pigment won’t mix with the oils in the skin and blur, creating harsh and often blue- toned eyebrows.

If you have a combination style skin type this can be microbladed over however a third top up may be required at an additional cost.

Microblading artist may also charge more money for the machine style brows and so should you have this type of skin it may cost you more as an alternative method maybe required to give you long lasting results.

If you tell your practitioner you have oily skin and they continue to say that microblading will suit you it is more than likely they don’t offer a machine style brow or they simply don’t hold this knowledge. They may just microblade your brows for a quick sale however, these results won’t last and you may have to convert to the machine style further down the line.

Essentially, costing you more money than initially anticipated.

Annie Green charges an additional £50 for this style of brow or an additional £40 for a third touch up so you can be assured that the cost will not fluctuate massively should she recommend another method of brow style.


What are the other styles of microblading?

Leading on from above, this brings us nicely to what the other styles of microblading are and also the difference between microblading and a machine style brow.

Microblading is the most natural form of semi-permanent brow makeup as fine hair stokes are pigmented into the skin using nano blades for the most natural effect.

Machine brows can be carried out in 2 styles: ombré and powder.

These brow styles are slightly less natural and essentially replicates makeup or brow tint.

The pigment is inserted using a machine and a fine needle to pixelate the skin. Ombré brows have a softer and gradient front and a powder is a slightly more defined brow.

Machine brows are also known to last longer than microblading and so if you prefer a more filled in look, ombré and powder maybe better suited to you.


Are touch ups included in the initial microblading price?

This differentiates from artist to artist and it is essential that you know this before booking in a treatment. You don’t want to pay £200-£300 on a treatment to then go back for your top up and face a surprise additional charge.

Some practitioners split the payments to make it more affordable for their clients and some include this in the upfront cost of the treatment so essentially when you go back for your top up it’s free of charge.


What is the maintainable price of microblading?

If done correctly, your microbladed brows will last you 12-18 months.

Your practitioner should then offer you a maintenance treatment at a reduced cost to top your brows up for you every year. Most artists however will not do a yearly retouch on another artist’s work and so even if you have had your brows done previously, an artist will not offer this at a discounted rate but you should expect to pay an initial treatment price. This is for a variety of different reasons such as:

  1. The brows may need remapping and reshaping
  2. The brows may need what we call a colour correction if the wrong pigment was implanted into the skin incorrectly the first time or if they have faded out an unusual colour.
  3. You will be required to go for a 6-8 week top up. The same as the first time you had them done to assist your new shape and style of brow.


Is microblading worth the cost?

Absolutely YES but only if they are done correctly and to ensure this you must follow all the steps above and choose the correct artist.

If your brows are done correctly you will be over the moon with them and they should last you at least a year.

Think about how many less trips to the brow shop you will need and how much money you will save yourself on brow shaping (waxing, threading, plucking) and tinting!

Microblading your brows is so convenient. Not just for the busy business woman who has to fill in her brows every morning before work or the stay at home mum that doesn’t have time to sit and do her own makeup or even the lady who lost her brows due to medication or hormones and is tired of trying to make them even every day!

This procedure really is suitable for all and will save you a lot of time and even a lot of money in the long run! Think of it as an investment in yourself!


To conclude

Choosing the correct microblading artist for you is paramount to how happy you will be with the service.

Should you choose the wrong practitioner your experience will not be as good as someone who has really done their research into finding an artist that is experienced, knowledgeable and also passionate.

Your brows shape your face and so making sure they are microbladed correctly is so important. Don’t choose someone because they are cheap but choose someone you trust to invest your money.

It really will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

By anniegreen

Annie Green is the founder and leading trainer at the clinic. Annie has 7-years industry experience and has extensive training from some of the UK’s leading industry experts in the world of permanent makeup, ensuring that every service is provided to the highest quality standard.